Curated by Ana Hernández Ara. Group exhibition.
January 2015. Centre for Contemporary Art La Conservera,Murcia.

Artist in residence from May to June 2015.
Addaya Centre D'Art Contemporary

-Inclusion in ORAL MEMORIES
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.Promotion of art
Oral Memories

-OPEN STUDIO Tabacalera 2014
From 22 to 25 May 2014.
Tabacalera Space Art Promotion.C/ Embajadores 51,Madrid.
Open Studio
"From shop to shop" by Carlos Primo.Metrópoli.El World

SOLO PROJECT.New Proposals.Curated by Mirjam Varadinis.
From 4 to 9 February 2014.Galería Paula Alonso (Madrid).
Centro Banamex, Hall D.Av. Conscripto 311.México DF
Zona Maco
"Among emerging and established 10 area artists to follow in MACO" by Monica Maristain.Sinembargo

Publisehd by La Fábrica, Co-published with Action Cultural Española. Directed by Oliva Maria Rubio.
Spanish Cultural Action
M.MAV Magazine

Opening January 23, 2014. Solo exhibition.
Galería Paula Alonso (Madrid)
"Paula Rubio Infante, XYY" by Elena Vozmediano.El andcultural World
"Paula Rubio Infante.El murderer as an artist" by Miguel Cereceda. ABC of Arts and Letters
"Paula Rubio Infante.La human condition" by Javier González Panizo.Blogearte

-Objects of Desire
Opening February 4 2014. National Museum of Decorative Arts.
Group exhibition. Curated by Carlos Delgado Mayordomo.
"(No) wish the object of others' by Javier Diaz-Guardiola.Siete a stroke

19/22 Septiembre 2013.Matadero Madrid. Galería Paula Alonso (Madrid).
Summa Fair
"summa 5 pills" by Jone Alaitz Uriarte.Input Magazine

-Day of Historical Memory in Barrio Tiétar
July 19, 2013. Self-managed social center Barrio Tiétar. Forum for Memory Tiétar Valley and La Vera.
Federación State of Forum for Memory

4/7 June 2013. Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Warwick Road. London, SW5 9TA. United Kingdom.
Galería Paula Alonso (Madrid).

-ARTVIEW01 Galila
"An unforeseen contemporary art adventure".
04.18.2013 / 12.05.2013. Square de l'Atomium. B-1020 Brussels.
"ARTVIEW01 is presented in the context of Art Brussels. This is a first edition in the Atomium. ARTVIEW01 shows the collection of the collector Galila. Artists: Antonio Crespo Foix, Michael Johansson, Jonathan Callan, Monica Bengoa, Nazif Topçuoğlu, Bokkinga Sander, Boris Dennler, Frank Schreiner, Tal Shochat, Adel Abdessemed, Tanja Boukal, Kim Chunhwan, Michel de Broin, Paula Rubio Infante, Jens Gussek, Miri Segal, Eric de Ville."

-Cabinet of curiosities
Group exhibition. February 12 to March 9, 2013. Pilar Cubillo Art Gallery and PAC (C / Doctor Fourquet, 10), Madrid.
Curated by Pilar García and Oscar Cubillo.

-Symposium "PLACES OF REPRESSION, LANDSCAPES OF MEMORY: material and symbolic aspects of the Carabanchel prison"
Days 13 and 14 December. Sala José Castillejo (0D1) - Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. CSIC. C / Albasanz 26-28, 28037 Madrid.

Thursday, 15 noviembre/12: 00h / CA2M, Constitution Avenue,23. Móstoles (Madrid).
The CA2M, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in the Community of Madrid, organized a panel discussion about the projects selected in the eighth edition of MADRID PROCESOS´ 12 organized by AVAM. "It will feature the artists selected for the call this year: Chus García-Fraile "Lampadarios G9", Thomas Pizá "Ausghedent", Unofficial Tourism Collective "Postal Freek" and Paula Rubio Infante "Klinker Werk". They will have the opportunity to talk about the development of his work, and reflecting about the creative processes of the different models of contemporary artistic production."

Grant for production "Critical + Automatic" project. Artist in residence at the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft eV the Freundeskreis der Universität der Künste Berlin, for a period of two months (August 1/September 30, 2012). AVAM (Madrid).

-Artesantander 2012
18/22 July 2012. Exhibition and Congress Palace, Santander (Avda del Stadium, s / n. 39005 Santander).
Paula Alonso Gallery (Madrid). "Specific collaboration with gallery artist in this curatorial project titled "Esquejes", "addresses from confrontation artistic vision of the binomial fragmented reality / artifice. To do artists David and Paula Rubio Infante Morago under the guise of mimesis make an approach to the complex portrayal of nature."

Espai Cajamadrid, Barcelona, 5.2012/7.2012.

-Meetings around COLLECTION V
April 13, 4, 11 and 18 may 2012.18:30 H. As part of the new exhibition of his collection funds, the CA2M organizes meetings with artists in the collection as Concha Jerez (April 13), Paula Rubio Infante (May 4), Antonio Ballester Moreno (May 11) and Nuria Carrasco (May 18). The artists discussed their work in the area of ​​documentation of the exhibition with attendees, representing an opportunity to dialogue and discuss their motivations, concerns and artistic practices in an informal setting and with the parts themselves.

-ARTE 40. I Edition
Exhibition of the 40 finalists. From April 13 to May 10 in the C Art C. Art Center Complutense. Avda Juan de Herrera, 2. Madrid. Jury: Daniel Castillejo, Artium Museum director, Estrella de Diego, Professor of Contemporary Art at the University Complutense of Madrid, José Guirao, director of Casa Encendida, Karin Ohlenschläger, president of the Institute of Contemporary Art and Benjamin Weil, chief curator of Laboral, Center for Art and Creative Industry.
Selected work: First picture of the series "Critical + Automatic".

Opening: March 15, 2012. From 16 March to 20 May 2012. Constitution Avenue, 23. 28931 Móstoles. Madrid
T (+34) 91 276 02 13.f (+34) 91 618 04 69.Horario from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 21:00 h.
Group exhibition. Artwork: "Eat shit" 2011. Award "ARCO Madrid for Young Artists 2011".
"Collection V will focus on the experience of the viewer in the exhibition space. At its stance in an active, attentive, as Didi-Huberman points out, not only what we see but what we see. Such decision-be aware of the visitor on a journey interrupted activdada and assembly capable of arousing narratives themselves. ". The artists selected for this occasion were Antonio Ballester Moreno, Nuria Carrasco, José Dávila, Concha Jerez, Elin Bjarnadóttir Hansdottir and Margret, Mona Hatoum, Antoni Miralda, Nuno Vasa, Paula Rubio Infante, Wilfredo Prieto, Manuel Saiz, Francesc Torres and Teresa Margolles.

-ARCO 2012
14/20 February 2012. IFEMA (Madrid). Formatocómodo Gallery.

-Award for Art Projects GENERACIón 2012 Caja Madrid Social Work
"The jury was chosen among other artists Paula Infante Rubio (Madrid, 1977), the project "Light travels in a vacuum."
This year the jury was composed by Jose Maria Parreno, Director of the museum was Vicente de Segovia, Iñaki Martínez, Director of the MARCO, Vigo and Maria Ines Rodriguez, chief curator of MUSAC - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y León. The awards, endowed with 15,000 euros each, delivered at the opening of the exhibition in Madrid, to be held in Lit House in late January 2012"
Obra social Cajamadrid.

14/20 February 2012. IFEMA (Madrid).Formatocómodo Gallery.

"The Prize ARCO-Madrid Young Artists was awarded to Paula Rubio Infante for his work "Eat shit" (2010). Paula Rubio Infante has been selected by a jury of Isabel Rosell, Director General of Archives, Museums and Libraries Community of Madrid; Barenblit Ferran, director of CA2M - Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Miguel von Hafe, director of the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, Elena Vozmediano, art critic and president of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Álvaro Martínez-Novillo Deputy Director General of Museums of Madrid, and Lorena Corral, Arts Advisor of the Community of Madrid. The Community purchased the winning and it becomes part of the funds of his art collection, now at the Center CA2M Art Dos de Mayo regional government ". Thursday, February 17, 2011.
El País.
El Pais.
Comunidad de Madrid.
El Cultural El Mundo.

-LÁPIZ. International Art Magazine
No. 2010-January 264.Diciembre 2011.Pág.51-65
Article by Juan Jose Santos. "Young artists in Madrid. New Visions "

FormatoCómodo gallery (Madrid)

From September 9, 2009 until October 4, 2009.
Collective exhibition. Curated by Iván de la Torre Amerighi.
Museum of Huelva. Avenue Sundheim, s/n.
"The project, which turns concerning the different concepts of the meaning 'violence' and his diverse ways of being evident (and also to the entity of the 'art' to be content in a global language in which different artists and his works can talk on the same topic), and it will be provided with artists' pieces like Fontcuberta, Paulo Nozolino, Cristina Lucas, Firelighter Mäkipää, Reynolds and Jolley, Antoni Miralda, Carlos Aires, Alberto Borea, Valeriano López, Iván Pérez, Sandra Sue, Teresa Serrano, Matías Sánchez, Paco Pomet, Aaron Lloyd, Paco Almengló, Miguel Soler and Paula Rubio Infante".

Solo exhibition. Engloba Group of Communication, Valencia.

-35 centimeters Boîte-en-valise
October, 2009. Group exhibition. Arteinversión gallery (Madrid).

24 in July, 2009.Engloba Group of Communication, Valencia.

July-3, 2009. AVAM organizes a visits circuit to 5 studies of artists and artistic groups of the city of Madrid – selected by an expert jury after the public call directed to all the associates of AVAM - to be visited by agents of cultural mediation representative of the sector: commissioners, cultural agents, gallery owners and specializing journalists, all of them chosen according to his trajectory, link and interest for the visual arts. The visit will be carried out during the day of on September 17, 2009 . AVAM contributes with this initiative to the project The Night in Target of Madrid, promoted by the Town hall of this city across the Area of the Arts.

8/on June 14, 2009. Basel, Switzerland. Formatocómodo gallery (Madrid)

-FORO SUR Latin-American Fair of Contemporary Art
30 abril/3 May, 2009. Caceres. Formatocómodo gallery (Madrid)

"Se it treats about a new space of papers and consultation of plastic artists linked to the city of Madrid. The file will have a physical space inside Slaughterhouse Madrid and a mobile file that itinerará in February to ARCH and later for different head offices. Also, it will have a reflex on the Matadero Madrid web page"
Archivo de creadores .